OpenNab User Documentation

OpenNab is a web application able to act as a server for a set of Nabaztag/tag. It can be used with an internet Apache/PHP hosting or on a local network with no internet connection.

OpenNab is composed of the following parts :

  • a core system performing http connections and data encoding/decoding
  • an extensible plugin/API framework
  • a set of plugins, each one of them defining its own API
  • a demo web application to play with the features provided by the plugins. Is is available at (where is the web site on which OpenNab is installed)

The current version of OpenNab includes the following plugins:

  • Ambient? plugin for customizing the "ambient" information displayed by the Nabaztag (lights on the bunny belly, ears position, blinking nose)
  • Asleep? plugin for setting the bunny in asleep/wake up modes
  • Audiorecordbypass? plugin for retrieving audio data of each voice recognition sequence in client application
  • Broadcache? plugin for caching remote media files.
  • Dice? plugin to use the Nabaztag as a dice when playing board games.
  • Downtime? plugin monitors the bunnies ping to compute their downtime.
  • Helloworld? sample for plugin developers
  • Language? plugin for setting the language used by other plugins (dice, quizz, ...)
  • Message? plugin for testing the Nabaztag built-in message syntax.
  • Mood? plugin plays a random mp3 at random intervals
  • Myradio? plugin to use the bunny as a multi-channel ear-controlled radio receiver.
  • Myweather? plugin to get custom weather information displayed and announced by the bunny.
  • Pinginterval? plugin to change the frequency of bunny ping.
  • Plsm3u? plugin to natively read mp3 streams in 'pls' and 'm3u' formats.
  • Quietears? plugin to suppress the ear rotating movement on each incoming message.
  • Quizz? plugin to play a quizz game : find correct answers to questions asked by Nabaztag.
  • Recordaudio? plugin to record the audio data of each voice recognition sequence into a wave file.
  • Reboot? plugin to force a reboot of the bunny.
  • Rfidsniff? plugin gets the tag id for the last sniffed rfid tag.
  • Rfid2http? plugin associate a rfid tag to a http call.
  • Saveboot? plugin to make a backup of the bunny bytecode downloaded at bunny's boot.
  • Simpleplay? plugin for playback of local mp3 files or internet mp3 streams.
  • TTS? plugin for sending text-to-speech commands
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