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Version 0.09 is available on SourceForge :

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  • A Nabaztag/tag (OpenNab does not work with first version of Nabaztag, the one with no navel)
  • An Apache server (use of .htaccess files with ErrorDocument directive) with PHP scripting (4.4.x or 5.2.x)


  1. Drop all files into a web server folder.
    • This folder must the root of a domain or subdomain (e.g.
  2. Make sure that folders are not write protected.
    • OpenNab needs to write files in folders : /vl/burrows, /vl/logs, /vl/plugins/*/files
    • If you use a FTP client application such as FileZilla to install OpenNab, you can righ-click on a remote item and select 'File attributes...' to change permissions.
  3. With any webbrowser, go to
    • It should display : 'ERROR 404 from OpenNab'. Some web browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer might need some changes in configuration options to display the actual error message)
    • If not, you have an issue with Apache configuration (ErrorDocument feature in .htaccess is not available).
    • You must sort it out before going further.
  4. With any webbrowser, go to
    • You should see a green status with all tests passed.
    • If not, you have a PHP issue. OpenNab code does not work on your PHP configuration.
    • If you get errors with either PHP 4.4.x or 5.2.x, ask on Nabaztag help forum
    • If you get errors with another PHP version, this is normal. You must upgrade your PHP install.
  5. With any webbrowser, go to
    • You should get a weird text page starting with word 'amber'.
    • If you have nothing or a PHP error, check your PHP version and eventually ask for support.
  6. If all previous steps are ok, proceed with the bunny configuration
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